La diversité et la discipline de la science politique Diversity and the Discipline of Political Science


    Proposals and Submission


We welcome proposals from faculty members, non-academics, and graduate students.

    • PhD students proposing papers must have their academic supervisor's endorsement (the name of the academic supervisor must be indicated in the submitter's profile setup).
    • Masters level students proposing papers must present their proposals in conjunction with an academic supervisor –i.e., a co-authorship with an academic supervisor is required (the name of the co-author must be indicated in the submitter's profile setup).


  • Submit your proposal to a specific section. There is also an option to indicate a secondary section.
  • Graduate Student Three-Minute Thesis Competition proposals should be submitted to the Teaching and Professional Practice section.


The Programme Committee welcomes proposals in both official languages.


The 250-WORD abstract should outline the argument or inquiry to be developed, identify the method of analysis to be used (if applicable), and show the theoretical significance of what is proposed in relation to existing scholarship in the field.


  • Once a proposal has been submitted (see TYPE OF PROPOSALS below), the submitter will be able to access it until February 1, 2021.
  • To make any changes, select 'Review/Edit my Proposals' from the 'Submissions' Menu.
  • If the proposal is accepted, your abstract will be made available in the programme.


Presenters will be considered as possible chairpersons or discussants. Given that a successful conference depends on having, not only paper-givers, but chairs and discussants, the CPSA strongly encourages participants to pro-actively offer their services as a chairperson or a discussant to section chairs and/or be willing if a request is made.


Single Paper

These papers are assigned by section heads to panels with other papers on related issues.

A single paper proposal must include:

  • the title of the paper;
  • a 250-word abstract.


Panels are pre-organized and include a maximum four papers on a single theme.
Panel organizers will submit the individual papers as single papers. An option is available for you to indicate that the paper is part of a Panel. Once selected, the fields for your panel’s title and abstract will be available.
The panel proposal must include:

  • the title of the panel;
  • a 250-word abstract providing an overview of the panel;
  • the name, e-mail, affiliation, rank, paper title and 250-word abstract for each presenter;
  • the name, e-mail, affiliation and rank for the chair and discussant(s).

If this is an interdisciplinary panel (a panel organized with another association), you must provide the full name of the sister association that co-organizes it.

Panel organizers are responsible for securing any required financial assistance from their own sources for all special guest speakers on the panel proposal.

Roundtable Proposal

These are among the most flexible formats offered at the conference, and may look different from session to session. In roundtables, formal papers are often not prepared in advance. This format allows for extended discussion among a small group of panelists and is typically less formal than a traditional paper panel.
A roundtable proposal must include:

  • the roundtable title;
  • a 250-word abstract providing an overview of the roundtable; and
  • the name, e-mail, affiliation and rank for each presenter and the chair. 1

Roundtable organizers are responsible for securing any required financial assistance from their own sources for all special guest speakers on the roundtable proposal.

1If a presenter has collaborators, book contributors, co-researchers, etc. who are not attending the conference, they cannot be listed as co-presenters. These individuals can be acknowledged in the abstract.

Poster Proposal

A poster proposal must include:

  • the title of the poster;
  • a 250-word abstract.

These presentations are an excellent way to disseminate work in a visual, rather than completely textual way.  Posters are welcomed from any CPSA member wishing to present material in this format at the conference, accompanied by a video presentation of up to three (3) minutes duration.

Graduate Student Three-Minute Thesis Competition Proposal

In this format, participants present their graduate research in three minutes (or less) to a panel of non-specialist judges. This competition is only open to students who are currently registered in a graduate program. Students who participate in the competition should have made substantial progress on their graduate research and analysis.
These proposals must include:

  • a title, and
  • a 250-word abstract that should outline the main argument, method of inquiry, method of analysis (if applicable) and theoretical significance of the MA thesis, MRP, or doctoral thesis that will form the content of the presentation.

These proposals must be submitted to the Teaching and Professional Practice Section.
To provide broader exposure and connection with scholars working on similar topics, submitters to the Graduate Student Three-Minute Thesis Competition are welcome to submit a single paper proposal on the same topic as their Three-Minute Thesis proposal.


  1. Only web submissions will be considered.
  2. Receipt of Proposals
    • You will receive a notification acknowledging receipt of the submitted proposal. If you do not receive this notification, please check with the CPSA Secretariat.
  3. Criteria for Acceptance
    • The content of the proposal must demonstrate a clear question, analytical rigor, originality and a scholarly contribution.
    • Section heads will group and assign presentations to sessions, considering the type of session desired by the presenters and the overall programme balance.
    • If a proposal details a study that would clearly be better presented as a poster, it will be considered for the poster session.
  4. Outcome of the submission
    • Section heads will acknowledge acceptance/nonacceptance of proposals in March 2021.
    • If you have not received a notification about the outcome of the submission by Friday, March 19, 2021, please check with the CPSA Secretariat.
  5. Presentation at the Conference - Confirmation
    • When you receive the acceptance of your proposal, you and the other panelists will be required to confirm your intent to present it at the conference.
    • If you submitted a single paper proposal and received a poster acceptance for the same title, please note that sections heads have considered that your proposal would be better presented and publicized as a poster. Please accept or decline the poster offer.

Questions? Contact the CPSA Secretariat.

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